What our clients say…

“Foxy is well equipped to handle our total Advertising, Promotion and P.R. requirements. They have proven to be a creative, lean and energetic team that are able to relate to the Food Service market place. A market place that is quite specialist in nature.”
Bruce Young, General Manager, GF Food Services Limited, a member of the Goodman Fielder Group

“If gaining repeat business is how you judge an agency, then Foxy must have passed the test with flying colours. We have been using Foxy Advertising for over 10 years, they are not as big as your North Sydney Agency, but they certainly have advantages over them. They have come up with the goods every time and I will most certainly continue to use them.”
John Swift, Advertising Manager, Animal Health, Bayer Australia

“I have worked closely with Foxy Advertising for some two years. I have asked for and been delivered a highly creative, in fact, our most successful commercial ever, in a mere 12 hours … that is, from brief to production completion.”
Rod Cameron, former General Manager Sales, Polygram Records

“I recommend Foxy Advertising as an innovative and cost conscious advertising agency who consistently perform to budget and deadline and are a pleasure to do business with.”
Justin Fan, IT Divisional Manager, Teco Australia

“Our fundraising campaign, which was accepted on a gratis basis, was instantly taken to heart by everyone at the Agency. The end result was our most successful campaign ever.”
Meredith Lee, former PR Manager, MS Society NSW

“Brilliant, stunning, fast, friendly, competent, artistic, imaginative, patient. What more can one say when you think of Foxy… That was lunch, and the catalogue wasn’t bad either.”
Michael Stringer, former Senior Product Manager, Computer Resources Company

There is no doubt that the task at eisa was extremely difficult with frequent changes in specifications and planning horizons. However the team from Foxy was always focussed on service quality and always managed to deliver on time and within budget. Senior management were particularly impressed by the transparency of all business transactions Foxy conducted and by the agency’s ability to work within the structure of a technology start-up.
- Dr Murray Woods, GM of Marketing, eisa Limited

Foxy is a real partner in our business. This is evident not only from the strong positive attitude that prevails within the agency also the strategic input we receive with regard to our advertising and promotion strategies. Strategic input is important in a business such as ours and is often missing in relationships with other agencies.
-Scott Ross, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Espe Australia

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is Foxy’s business outlook, not just a cute tagline. I have no hesitation in recommending Foxy Advertising as an agency that can deliver the goods!
-Craig Dwyer National Marketing Manager, MenuMaster

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