The agency of today is Foxy, bright eyed and bushy tailed… small, clever, cunning, fast adapting, light & flexible… responsive to our competitive environment…

FIVE YEARS INTO THE NEW MILLENNIUM, we are seeing the evolution of a much tougher, more competitive marketing environment. Increasing media fragmentation, increasingly similar products and services and deteriorating brand loyalty threaten the survival of marketers and agencies lacking the strategic flexibility to move quickly in adapting to change.

ADVERTISING ALONE IS NO LONGER THE SOLUTION. Today’s marketers realise that an integrated approach, using the synergy of a number of communications mix elements is the only real formula for success they can rely on.

THE AGENCY OF TODAY must think of itself as its client’s marketing partner, learn the client’s business and develop marketing programs with the right strategic fit – only then will results that deliver client satisfaction be achieved.

Intelligent marketers should be turning to clever, fast adapting, responsive INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION agencies such as Foxy who can provide a more cost-effective, integrated approach that may include: Sales Promotion, PR, Point of Purchase, or Database Marketing strategies – NOT JUST ADVERTISING. Plus exceptional creative quality and phenomenal client service.

After 21 years in business, serving some of Australia’s major brands and corporates, we know it works! Just ask our clients…or better still, call Foxy with a brief on: 02 9319 1571 or email us
and we’ll prove it to you.