Trail-blazing Marketing Strategies

“The kind of creative ingenuity which has heretofore been lavished on mass advertising is now needed for the creation of trail-blazing marketing strategies.”

As early as 1993, Advertising Age, in a front page story, put the spotlight on this new reality. “The message from IBM to ad agencies competing for their $90 million personal computer account was that the promise of creative advertising may have gotten the finalists in the door, but it is going to play a smaller role in actually winning the business. Strategic Marketing Thinking has emerged as the key.”
- Stan Rapp & Thomas L. Collins: Beyond MaxiMarketing

The focus on providing a unique solution to specific marketing problems is both a challenge and an opportunity to the Agency-Client marketing team.

By developing effective marketing solutions, using market research and innovative communications strategies, we differentiate what Foxy Advertising has to offer from its competitors in the only area that really counts: Results.
- Peter Fox, Managing Director & Creative Director, Foxy Advertising