Website Design and Online Marketing Strategies

While most B2B, B2C and B2G organisations have a website these days, few both to keep it up to date. When you come across one of these ‘old news’ websites, it’s a safe bet to assume that this company has left marketing on the web out of it’s communications mix… one shudders to think how many new business prospects have lost interest in doing business with companies like this. Surprising too is the number of corporates with the ‘do it yourself’ approach to web design and content creation. Again, websites like this do more harm than good and reflect poorly on the corporate image. Today’s websites need a clean design (not a fussy 90’s look) that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Content needs to be kept current and freshened up at least on a quarterly basis.

We can create an attractive,informative and user-friendly online presence for your company or organisation that builds brand awareness, develops interactive relationships with your online audience (B2B, B2C or B2G) and helps grow marketshare.

Foxy can help integrate your online and offline marketing strategies to successfully launch your site, draw traffic to it and maintain interest via ongoing content updates and online promotion