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Want to project a more professional business image? In today’s highly competitive business environment, well, you cannot afford not to…

Do you need a new logo or graphic design makeover -one that aligns with your brand strategy?

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Are you a small to medium size business wanting to create or revamp your brand and content strategy?

Before you come up with a business name, brand name, new logo design, brand statement or product or service description…

Before you get into website development, social media, PR and advertising…


Why? Without this, your marketing communications are surely in a mess!

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Use this self-explanatory Brand Strategy template to do your own brand strategy ‘Like a Boss’…

1. Company Purpose or Mission

Your underlying mission; why your company exists in the first place, e.g:

“Improve our customer’s bottom line by 50% in less than six months.”

Why is this important? If this is in fact your mission, you need to think through what you’ll have to invest in and do to achieve it. Walk the walk.

2. Brand Position Statement

A statement about how you want to be perceived; how you want people to feel, think and talk about you, e.g:

“A tech company that actually understands business process and the accounting function.”

Why is this important? If you want people to think/feel a certain way about you when they hear/see your name, everything you do as a company will need to be considered (even as far as staff member tone and behaviour when answering the phone or sending an email). The Brand Position statement is not a message; it’s an internal statement that confirms the strategy to all employees. Very important to understand the difference between an internal position statement and “positioning” (which comes later in the process).

3. Unique Value Proposition

The unique value you are offering; what makes you different; your ‘secret sauce’, e.g:

“The only company that has the know-how, innovative technology and proper processes and support to automate your accounting business processes quickly and efficiently.”

Why is this important? If you want to stand out from the competition and make a connection with your target buyer, you need to be clear on how you’re different and why they should care about you.

4. Why You Can Believe Our Claims

A summary of proof points that support your position, e.g:

“Our top 50 customers say that [insert testimonials]. Our team of process tech professionals have worked in business functions just like yours and really know how to dig beneath the surface to get at the most costly problems quickly, and we have invested heavily in developing innovative, user-friendly IT solutions.”

Why is this important? You need to confirm in advance how you will support your claims in the marketplace as well as in sales conversations, meetings with reporters, etc.

5. Brand Attributes

Attributes that reflect your belief system and brand personality – this is important as it informs the impression you want people to have about you, e.g:

“Committed, passionate, analytical, intelligent, thoughtful, careful, innovative, customer-centric, forthright, honest, consultative.”

Why is this important? It helps to agree on the human aspect and personality of your brand. It can define/shape your culture and will ultimately inform your brand’s look and messaging.

6. Audience Promise

One sentence that sums up your brand’s promise, e.g:

“If you are a business that needs a fast, efficient & reliable accounting package, we promise you will see significant cost savings in less than 6 months by using our technology, and that we will complete your migration quickly so that business is not disrupted and employees feel confident and empowered.”

Why is this important? Similar to the mission statement, put a stake in the ground about what you are promising and make sure you can deliver on it. If everyone on your team knows what the promise is, you will create a culture that’s united and customer-centric.

7. Messaging

Tone – High level tone for your brand’s messaging, e.g:

“We want to add value by showing our customers meaningful ways to automate manual business processes, so that they cut costs and improve the bottom line as quickly as possible. We are proud of our capabilities from both a technology and human standpoint and strive to be relevant and helpful to our clients every single day.”

Why is this important?  This helps confirm your philosophy and guiding principles, and sets the stage for how you will consider detailed messaging and branding elements later in the process.

8. Elevator Pitch

What you would say to someone who asks: “So what do you do and why should I care?” e.g:

“We save customers thousands (sometimes millions). XYZ, Inc. is a technology company that automates critical accounting business processes quickly and easily. We help businesses cut costs by 50% or more in less than 6 months (on average).”

Why is this important? If you take a stab at your elevator pitch (articulation of what you do that gets the person to say; “Great, tell me more.”) based on the other elements, it sets the foundation for how you will express your value in 30 seconds or less. You may change it later as you flush out your brand story and messaging, but it can be helpful to include a first take in your framework.

9. Tagline

Brief statements that encapsulate your brand story and value proposition, e.g:

“Empowering you to get things done quicker and more accurately.”

Why is this important? Similar to the elevator pitch, it can be good to come up with a tagline early in an attempt to boil down your brand’s message for the benefit of your customers and employees. This can be refined as you flush out your messaging.

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